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Де дика хуьлда хьан! Меня зовут Йаути Дор и я из Исландия. Как дела? Я изучаю чечнский язык и я хочу ехать в Грозный в Март 2008. Я хочу говорит с челёвек из Нохчийн. Бы чеченц и из Нохчийн? --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:39, 11 марта 2007 (UTC)
== Википедийа Интерфеис ==
Great. :) Most of what is left to translate is long phrases. Maybe we'll take a break from this and wait until you get beaurucrat so I dont have to keep ask you to translate and translate. :) Thanks for tip about lands too. I remember. --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 21:45, 19 марта 2007 (UTC)
:OK. It is good idea. Thanks you, for help Chechens to do CE wikipedia. [[УчастникЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
Hey, I appreciate doing this that I hope Chechens will use it. And looking at your translations and corrections and making articles help improve my Chechen very much! You are like indirectly my Chechen teacher. So I will keep working on this for a long, long time. New main hobby! :) It is pleasure to do work on this with you too!! --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:03, 19 марта 2007 (UTC)
:Is always glad to help --[[УчастникЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
== Салам ==
Салам Адам, могушалла муха ву хьан? Со <<лого>> чууза, со хила и хила. На всё хорошо сейьчас в Википедийа:Нохчийн я дому. Хьо деза коьртан аг1о? ТІе Еара, со Бурократ ву, потом я буду делать тебя Бурократ тоже! :) Hope you like the Нохчийн user box I made. Any programming you request me to do just ask me, no problem. :). --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 20:10, 18 марта 2007 (UTC)
:Ва салам. it's necessary change the caption form "'''Случайный таптар'''" to "'''Ца хууш нисделларг таптар'''".
Change is done. :) And yes, to become beaurucrat, make the application like mine, wait a week, and if I am beaurucrat after Thursday then I can make you one no problem. If I am not (like if 5 people decide to vote No for me haha) then you must do what I am doing now and request the status from META (the big guys) :). But I will do it, no problem. I am happy you like the Нохчийн user box. And good job on the translation on country and languauge boxes, I am now going to start making country information and category boxes. If you see in my changes a country that has a different name in Chechen (I will use the Russian name if I can't find the Chechen name) just change it. :)
Unless, is there a website that gives the names of all 193 countries in the world in Chechen? --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 21:50, 18 марта 2007 (UTC)
The template [[ШаблонДакъа:Мохк]] now is finished
:Mega, this is great! I love it! All is Chechen, we are starting to now look like a wikipedia now at an amazing pace! Great work! I will begin countries in no apparent order. I will do my best to make small descriptions of the land too, sorry if my grammar is not perfect too. Still learning your beautiful MoTT :) haha. Good night --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 01:10, 19 марта 2007 (UTC)
:Asalama laykum, Mega. Mogsal mox vu x'a? I have a Chechen language question too, to make a country from Russian language to Chechen that ends in ия, do you change to ий in Chechen? (and great job on the gymn chechen, I am going to find a MIDI for it like I did on the Norvay gymn) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 20:09, 19 марта 2007 (UTC)
::It's necessary to change "ия" on "ий" or "и" (better). [[УчастникЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
:You know my friend, we are going to be the only wikipedia that will have Every single national song (I am trying to find MIDI for too even Noxchijn) to be heard on MIDI from the country page. :) Just wanted to tell you this. --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:46, 20 марта 2007 (UTC)
:It's cool! [[УчастникЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
:Salam. I was setting up the Article of the Month area, and I thought that [[Джохар-ГIала]] would be good. If you can help to expand the article more it would be great, since you know much more then me about Джохар-ГIала. I started the template box on it. --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 23:26, 22 марта 2007 (UTC)
==Chechen Question ==
Before I make more articles with the Hymns of the lands, the listen box I have which is not template, I want to make sure the Chechen is write so it is less to correct:
*'''ЛадугІу кхузахь тІе гимн MOKX''' - Is it correct or can you correct it please? :) Barkall --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 15:25, 21 марта 2007 (UTC)
*'''ЛадогІа кхузахь махкан(or къоман) гимн''' - it's correct!
:If you want to become administrator or bureaucrat, go to the Administrator page and just request it under Голосование, no vote is actually needed. Just request it so it is in the history for the META guys to know. :) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 19:13, 22 марта 2007 (UTC)
== Поздравление! ==
Хьо администратор х1инца ву! Х1инца, хьо мегар дьадой таптарш, къовла юзер, хийца интерфейс, а хийца катигорийн и навигацийн щаблонош. Хийнца интерфейс, хьо лела тІе [http://ce.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A1%D0%BB%D1%83%D0%B6%D0%B5%D0%B1%D0%BD%D0%B0%D1%8F:Specialpages Спецтаптарш] a ''Системные сообщения''. Яздан "CTRL+F" а яздан дош хьо иэшар хийца. Баркалла а аьтто хуьлда шун!
--[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 21:06, 22 марта 2007 (UTC)
Thanks! It's cool! --[[УчастникЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
== IRC Channel ==
Salam! I have requested and now it is Open! Our very own Chechen Wiki IRC Chat! Join me if youd like :) [[Чат тIе IRC]] --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 17:51, 23 марта 2007 (UTC)
== Ва алейкум Салам ==
хуна хил дела реза са таптар хажарна. Соъ ву нохчи дала микънах. Са цъе Ибрахим ю. Со немцой пачалкех аш а дёшуш ву.
Докъ маршал ду хёга, вез-войзчунна...<br>
== КІайноърс? ==
Salam Mega! Is '''Белоруссий''' in Chechen '''КІайноърс''' or just Белоруссий? --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 02:52, 28 марта 2007 (UTC) (oh and it is better when writing messages to sign your name using the signature code that uses Time and Date , just type <nowiki>--~~~~</nowiki> or click the Signature button on top ;)
Ва салам Ice! '''Белоруссий''' - it's correct! --[[УчастникЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
:Wow, barkal Mega! For this award! I will post it on my other active wikis. Very appreciate it ! :) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 14:59, 7 апреля 2007 (UTC)
== Баркал ==
Чог1а баркал ахьа суна The Chechen Barnstar of National Merit ел. Дал мукълахь кхин болх бийр бу. [[УчастникЮзер:Chechenka|Chechenka]] 05:05, 8 апреля 2007 (UTC)
==Makka Sagaipova Article==
Hey, can you rewrite the biography I added on that article from Russian to Chechen, then add it back on? Thanks.
[[УчастникЮзер:Samian Quazi|Samian Quazi]]
Translated! [[UserЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega]]
== Salam my man! ==
Salam salam Mega ! :) Mogsal mux du xan? I could make a wild guess, but I think you like boxing? haha --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:12, 24 апреля 2007 (UTC)
And come on skype from time to time :) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:21, 24 апреля 2007 (UTC)
Also, 20 more articles until Chechen Wikipedia is posted on the main website! :) I think we should also focus on the Translations of the website also and get rid of the Russian text into Chechen, since it will be on the Main Website soo on www.wikipedia.org ! We cant have Russian .. --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:36, 24 апреля 2007 (UTC)
== Stubs ==
'''Хьок таптар лаьцна Исландий пень ю. Хьо мегар гIo хийца кхузахь'''
Is the part '''лаьцна Исландий''' correct, or does it use a different ''padezh'' like in Russian for the word '''o'''? If so, I will start making templates for all the countries and other specific stubs to clean up the categories. --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 19:08, 28 апреля 2007 (UTC)
'''ХIара Исландийахь лаьцна таптар хинца дендалаз ду. Хьайн йиш ялахь, гIо де из чекхдаккха.''' It's correctly! ''дендалаз ду'' - не доделан - not completed. ''чекхдаккха'' - завершить - to finish. Mega
So what word can we used for ''Stub'' then? --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 21:44, 28 апреля 2007 (UTC)
== Category Boxes ==
I am protecting [[ШаблонДакъа:Нохчийн ГIалнаш]] so only administrators can edit him. Some IP address keeps changing the Chechen flag back to the Russian designated Chechen flag. It is up to you, but I prefer the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria flag since it is more Chechen significance , but you are an administrator too so whatever you choose I will accept also :). So you, me, Chechenka can change it. And if you want to protect anything else, remember you can , you are admin ;) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 21:15, 30 апреля 2007 (UTC)
:You have acted correctly. A flag of Ichkeria much more known than new pro-Russian flag. 99% chechen sites use flag of Ichkeria. See www.djigit.com, ingush.narod.ru, www.chechen.org, www.noxchipage.narod.ru, noxchi.3dn.ru e.t.c. Mega
I see, as in www.noxchipage.narod.ru, should we use the Chechen wolf or the other Coat of Arms for the box? Is the other coat of arms pro russian or do Chechens have no problem with both? Also, is the Russian pro flag offensive? If so, we should remove it from the front page and the award. Please inform me on this since I am not Chechen and I am very confused about the flags unfortunately :S --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:19, 30 апреля 2007 (UTC)
:In the Chechen Republic two governments: pro-Russian and Ichkerian. But the symbolics of Ichkeria is more popular among simple Chechens. Mega
Ok. Then since this is the ''Chechen'' wikipedia, I think we should have the Ichkeria flag. Obviously a pro-Russian government would not support the Chechen language, right? I have changed everything to Chechen flag, but if you want to change it back, please do so, this is more your wikipedia then mine :). --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:43, 30 апреля 2007 (UTC)
:It is the free encyclopedia wikipedia also your as well as my. Mega
Well, your decision about the flags. :) I have made a portal too, but I will finish it later.. too tired now. --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 23:08, 30 апреля 2007 (UTC)
== Тебул-Мате лам ==
Haha, why did you do the categories as 42° Къилбаседе | 45° Малхбале ? That is strange category I think :) but ok. Congratulations on 100 articles! :D --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 23:31, 1 мая 2007 (UTC)
These categories [[ШаблонДакъа:Coord]] is made. I have only translated from Russian on Chechen "North"(с.ш.) and "Еast"(в.д.). --Mega
I see, but I really dont think it is necessary to have this as a category. I dont know what the Russian wiki programmar was thinking when he did this to have categories of Latitude and Longitute. Maybe we can include it in the top right corner of the page like on the city pages. Only my opinion, I really think it is pointless and rediculous to have categories of all the latitudes and longitutes in world. :) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 02:11, 2 мая 2007 (UTC)
You are right. I updated this template and deleted these categories. Mega
== Шаблон:Афразийн Мехкаш ==
[[ШаблонДакъа:Афразийн Мехкаш]] - any countries inncorectly spelt? --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 20:46, 2 мая 2007 (UTC)
Африкан Мехкаш(countries of Africa) or Африкийн Мехкаш(African countries)- it's correctly. Mega
ok, thanks, and any other nations wrong? --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:47, 2 мая 2007 (UTC)
== Embassy ==
Посольство or Къоман векалалла for the wiki-embassy? what is a better word and more understandable for chechens (keep in mind not all chechen speakers know Russian ;)) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 13:38, 10 мая 2007 (UTC)
Къоман векалалла? Hmm...This word very old, and almost nobody knows it. But one of the purposes of our project is a development of Chechen language. Therefore - '''Къоман векалалла''' [[UserЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
:Did you see the main [http://www.wikipedia.org wikipedia.org] page? Noxhijn is under 100+ right in the centre! Congratulations my friend! :D We did it! The Chechen Wiki is now an active wikipedia! --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 04:30, 13 мая 2007 (UTC)
::Alhamdulilla! My congratulations! It's cool! --[[UserЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
== Article Content ==
Salam Mega. See [[Соьлжа-ГIала]] and [[Нохчийчоь]], I am getting conerned that there might be pro-chechen or opinions in these articles, as parts are written by other chechen editors not familiar with Wikipedia rules. Can you read them for me and change/tell me if there are any propaganda, pro chechen, or opinions there? Some things I cant really understand :S thanks --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 02:34, 15 мая 2007 (UTC)
== Bureucrat ==
You are now a Bureucrat! :) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 18:08, 15 мая 2007 (UTC)
:OHOOOO! Thanks! It's very good surprise! -- [[UserЮзер:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]
You deserve it my friend :) --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:20, 15 мая 2007 (UTC)
== Салам Накъост ==
Салам Мега! Могушалла муха ду хьан? Извините, со кузахь Википедийахь чохь ца яздо вера. Со кузахь х1инцца. :) Хьо дукхе язде? --[[УчастникЮзер:Ice201|Йсе 201]] 00:40, 13 августа 2007 (UTC)