Декъашхочун дийцаре:Mega programmer — Версийн башхалла

ok, thanks, and any other nations wrong? --[[Участник:Ice201|Ice201]] 22:47, 2 мая 2007 (UTC)
== Embassy ==
Посольство or Къоман векалалла for the wiki-embassy? what is a better word and more understandable for chechens (keep in mind not all chechen speakers know Russian ;)) --[[Участник:Ice201|Ice201]] 13:38, 10 мая 2007 (UTC)
Къоман векалалла? Hmm...This word very old, and almost nobody knows it. But one of the purposes of our project is a development of Chechen language. Therefore - '''Къоман векалалла''' [[User:Mega programmer|Mega programmer]]